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Consulting is the Core Competency of The Covell Group...

We have many years of experience in dealing with small to enterprise sized environments and from this we are able to provide the right amount of technology at a competitive price.

We believe in a lasting relationship where we design and service all the components in your infrastructure and do not have to worry about multiple vendors or contractors to handle your information technology needs. We maintain our customer relationships by continuing to provide top quality service without compromise.

To guarantee that we are able to provide the best possible service to our customers we follow a path that will ensure the highest level of quality and a stable environment for years to come.


The Covell Group will spend time with your management and staff to determine your needs and the best course of action to meet these needs. Sometimes what seems like a complex problem may have a simple solution and can be resolved with minimal time and cost.

From years of experience we will design an infrastructure that is cost effective, robust, powerful, and expandable. Each project is unique in our customers needs from a small office network to a multiple site enterprise with multiple technologies. Still with the distinct differences in every design, we always utilize best practices in every aspect of our designs. This is all done with your budget in mind while never compromising in the quality of our work and design.

A design is only as good as its implementation. We focus on every detail in making sure timelines are followed, the hardware is installed properly and professionally, all aspects of the systems are installed appropriately, and that the customer is communicated with every step of the way. Many projects include upgrading existing systems where downtime is inevitable. We strive to minimize these downtimes with intelligent and experienced implementation. Most importantly, we are a single point of contact for your project so that if there are any problems, questions, or request you only have to speak with one company.

One of the most overlooked parts of developing a productive and robust environment is training. We are able to help your users be more productive by providing them with the knowledge of how to use a new system making everyone more productive in their task. Specializing in Microsoft products, training can be done one on one or in a classroom environment to fit your needs.

With a new or old system, even if The Covell Group had nothing to do with implementing your existing system, we will provide the expertise to maintain all your systems. Companies realize how much a downtime could cost them in lost time and profit. This is why it is imperative to keep all your systems maintained and running in peak performance through preventive maintenance.

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