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The Covell Group will help your medium business by providing a one stop solution to all your information technology needs. We are highly skilled in providing support as well as system design for very large systems with hundreds or even thousands of desktops and hundreds of servers with advanced network topologies.

We understand that many medium businesses have technology needs that may not require a full time employee. And for businesses that already have one or more full time employees, The Covell Group can compliment their existing skill sets for special projects and system upgrades.

If you’re infrastructure has grown and you are considering hiring a full time employee to manage your systems; we would be more than happy to discuss options with you. Most of the time it is more cost effective to contract services with us with the availability of a much larger team as well as skill sets in all areas. We may also suggest that you do bring in a full time employee to support your systems; in this case we may be able to assist in any transitions or training.

Please contact us for more information, we would be more than happy to meet with you face to face and will even do a free onsite evaluation of your systems. We pride ourselves on our integrity and look forward to building a long term relationship with your business as it grows.

Consulting - Covell Group employees have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and supporting simple to complex environments with a specialty in Microsoft based systems. With years of project management experience as well, we are able to get projects off the ground quickly and efficiently. read more about consulting …

Repair and Service - With ongoing maintenance keeping your systems in good running condition a must; The Covell Group is able to provide your business with service plans that are both economical and very easy to budget. read more about repair and service…

Training - Your employees are only as productive as their skills allow them to be. To improve their productivity it is more than worth the investment to train them in programs such as Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook. read more about training …

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